Our Projects

Sherpa Shepherds is generously contributing its effort to make mountaineering and tourism more responsible towards nature, culture and daily lives of local people of Nepal. From the establishment, Sherpa Shepherds has been continuously supporting to remote areas, socially excluded people especially by empowering women, giving change to physically disabled, climbing mountains with special social causes and safe mountaineering.

Empowerment Projects

1. Sherpa Shepherds had been able to bring visually impaired person from Nepal to the Mount Everest for the first time ever. Mr. Amit KC from Nepal who is completely blind climbed Mount Everest from 15th April 2017 to 10 May 2017. Unfortunately he returned from Camp IV (8000m) due to bad weather.

2. Kanchhi Maya Tamang from Bhotan-5, Sindupalchowk climbed Mount Everest on 6th May 2017 and she became the first Tamang Women to climb Mount Everest. Now Ms. Tamang is goodwill ambassador of UN Women Nepal, Save The Child Foundation (USA), Brand Ambassador of Sherpa Shepherds and many nonprofit organization.

3. Women’s Way Project: Sherpa Shepherds is running a project called Women’s Way Project in encourage and empower women from different background through mountaineering. This project will help for their education, employment and other career development programs to the poor women from remote areas. Read more about this project https://womenswaynepal.wordpress.com/


Responsible Adventure Projects

1. In association of Sherpa Shepherds, the portrait of late king Prithvi Narayan Shah had brought to the top of Mount Everest.

2. Sherpa Shepherds brought the Buddha’s statue to the top of Mount Everest in spread peace and humanity in the world.

3. Sherpa Shepherds sponsored an expedition for a very noble social cause ‘Stop Human Trafficking’ and Ms. Kanchhi Maya Tamang climbed Mount Everest to convey world to stop human traficcking. Read more

4. Sherpa Shepherds brought flags of 205 countries to top of world to convey world is one message.





Other recent projects

  • Nepal’s first visually Impaired Everest Expedition 2017
  • First Tamang Women Everest Expedition 2017
  • Lord Buddha’s Statue to the top of Mount Everest
  • Climate Justice Campaign
  • Women Empowerment Everest Expedition 2018
  • Nepal Scout Everest Expedition 2018
  • 205 Countries Flags to the top of Mount Everest
  • Olympic Lamp to the top of Mount Everest
  • Oldest Person Everest Expedition
  • Stop Human Trafficking Everest Expedition
  • First Inclusive Women Everest Expedition
  • Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Portrait to Mount Everest