Mount Everest is the highest place on earth and it is situated between northern part of Nepal and southern part of Tibet, China. The height of Mount Everest is 8848 meter (29029 feet). Mount Everest is known as ‘Sagarmatha’ in Nepal and ‘Qomolongma’ in Tibetan. Mount Everest lies in Sagarmatha National Park which is one of UNESCO world natural heritages site.

Every human being dreams to reach on top of Mount Everest because it is the highest place on this planet earth. It will take about one week to reach just base camp of Mount Everest from Lukla. Trip to Everest can be described as an experience of a journey close to Nirvana or journey to the roof of the world. Every year thousands of travelers reach to Everest Base Camp which is situated at 5630 meter high from the sea level. People dream to conquer this majestic mountain but the fact is everyone cannot climb it and cannot afford it. Till 2017, about 5000 people climbed Mount Everest and made their dream come true. Everest Base Camp or Mount Everest is one most important place every human being should go there once before they die because there is nothing to compare with Mount Everest.

Every year hundreds of people attempt to climb Mount Everest and only few successes. In order to success to climb Mount Everest you’ll need good health, good preparation (training, climbing skills, food, logistics, climbing etc) and a good and a professional climbing guide who lead you to the top of the mountain. To climb these giant 8000 meter peaks, there is no other better guide than Sherpa guides. Sherpa Shepherds stands here to provide best Sherpa climbing guides which will allows you safer, secured, high success rate and enjoyable one.

Sherpa Shepherds offers Everest Expeditions from both north and south side. Sherpa Shepherds and its world record holders climbers guarantee best quality services, high success rates with safe and secured. All Everest Expeditions of Sherpa Shepherds are 100% led and supported by Sherpa who are veteran climbers with numerous summit records on Everest and other mountains over 8000m. The team of Sherpa Shepherds is of the highest caliber in the field of mountaineering and is recognized as Premier guides on Everest. Our expertise and experiences combined with our cheerful smiles and strength have always been an integral part of Everest climbing expeditions, indeed very few significant successes have been achieved without us. In order to achieve the highest levels of modern expedition, SHERPA SHEPHERDS provide the most up to date and most appropriate equipment, systems and appropriate high altitude food. Attempting Everest is a huge commitment, which requires huge amount of determination and dedication to overcome the formidable challenges presented by climbing into thin air and frigid temperatures.

If you are ready to conquer Everest, allow us to lead you on your journey of imagination. We will lead you up to the mountain as only a SHERPA CAN.

Everest (8848m) Expedition South Side

Everest (8848m) Expedition South Side

60 Days

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world standing at an elevation of 29028ft. (8848m.) from the sea level. Mount Everest is situated in Samarmatha national park (on the north of Khumbu). Mount Everest is the mountain which all mountaineers dream to summit it and it is a place where legends live. Mount Everest is still the ultimate mountaineering adventure.  To stand at the pinnacle of the earth is one of life's most rewarding experiences. he climbers who climbed this mountain felt they are standing over the cloud in the sky.

Everest (8848m) Expedition North Side

Everest (8848m) Expedition North Side

57 Days

Everest Expedition South Side (Tibet) - Climbing Everest from the Tibet side is relatively easier. Still, Everest expeditions encounter many seen and unseen obstacles including high altitude, harsh weather conditions and even sheer exhaustion. Un-rivaled experiences of our team and our focus and attention to details combined with our strength and dedication add a tangible degree of safety, expertise and guidance – our guardianship on the mountain makes all the differences between a difficult expedition and an enjoyable one.