Pemba Nuru Sherpa

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+977 435 1613

High Altitude Climbing Leader


A veteran of over 30 Himalayan Expeditions with notable achievements on 8000m+ peaks including Everest, witty and warm hearted Pemba Nuru Sherpa is notably amongst the most qualified climbing guides on peaks over 8000m.

Notable Mountaineering Achievements:

Year Mountain Altitude Reached
2014 Mt. Everest- South Camp-2
2013 Manaslu Summit
2013 Mt. Everest- North Summit
2012 Amadablam Summit
2012 Mt. Everest- South Summit
2011 Mt. Everest- North Summit
2010 Mt. Everest- South Summit
2009 Mt. Everest- South Camp-4
2008 Mt. Everest- South 8000m
2008 Mt. Everest- South Summit
2007 Sisapangma Summit
2007 Mt. Everest- South Summit
2006 Lhotse-South face 8000m
2006 Cho-Oyu Summit
2006 Mt. Everest- North Summit
2005 Sisapangma Summit
2005 Mt. Everest- North Summit
2004 Mt. Everest- South Summit
2003 Mt. Everest- South Camp-4
2002 Ghyanchungkang Camp-3


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