Pemba Nuru Sherpa (Kaila)

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High Altitude Climbing Leader


Pemba Nuru Sherpa is one of successful high altitude climbing leader who has already climbed Mount Everest 9 times and many other mountains. As a child he spent most of his time helping his parents on their farm. Pemba Nuru was uneducated as no schools existed in his or surrounding villages.

As a boy, Pemba was amazed by the mountains that surrounded his village. Many Sherpas support themselves by guiding and portering in the mountains. The legend of Tenzing Norgay, and Norgay himself, influenced Pemba. He always dreamed of reaching the pinnacles of those great peaks one day.

He began his career as a climber at the age of 16 when he procured a job as a trekking porter. On his first portering assignment he scaled the notorious Ambhu Labtsa pass. He summited Mera Peak (6472 m)

Pemba eventually found work portering for Everest expeditions. It was during this time he began showing his true abilities as a high altitude mountaineer. Pemba reached the summit of Everest 9 times and successfully led over 20 expeditions.


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