Kanchhi Maya Tamang

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Female High Altitude Climbing Guide/2 Times Everest Summitteer

Ms. Kanchhi Maya Tamang, first Tamang Lady to summit Mt. Everest and already climbed Everest two times and she is the Team Leader of Women Empowerment Everest Expedition 2018. She is an experienced climbing leader with experiences of Mt. Everest, Mera Peak, Ramdung Peak and many more. She is a self trained mountaineer and climbing guide. She had summited Mt. Everest with the message of gender equality and stop human trafficking with coordination of Sherpa Shepherds and UN Women Nepal.

She was born on 11th October 1988 at Bhotang-5, Sindhupalchok. At that time, education to girls was not so popular with the local parents rather they had to look after their home and household activities. But, she somehow completed her S.L.C and was the first girl from her village to complete S.L.C. As soon as she finished her S.L.C, she had to go for a foreign employment because of family financial condition which risked her for trafficking as she had never gone beyond that area. After working for a certain years she came back with a vision to stop human trafficking as her area (Sindhupalchok) is at top risk for human trafficking. So, the first thing she did is climbed Mt. Everest to share the message to stop human trafficking. Now, she is again attempting to summit Mt. Everest as a team leader with a message of women empowerment and gender equality as until and unless women are empowered with education, knowledge and employment, trafficking will never be stopped.


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