Sherpa Shepherds Brand Ambassador Kanchhi’s Story is in CNN

Kanchhi Maya Tamang is the first Tamang Women to climb Mount Everest and she became the first person to climb world highest peak Mount Everest with social cause i.e. ‘STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING’. She is goodwill ambassador of many organizations such as UN Women Nepal, Save The Child Foundation, Paurakhi Nepal and awarded by many organizations.

To begin her this successful story, Sherpa Shepherds is one who supported her financially and brought her to the top of Mount Everest. And we, Sherpa Shepherds feel proud that now her tragic story converted into meaningful  story. Here this story has been streamed at CNN, ECS, The Himalayan Times, Ratopati and many national and International newspapers, portals and televisions.


Kanchhi Maya’s story in CNN

Article in ESC Nepal

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