International Women Expedition

More than half of world’s population is women and women have very crucial role for world’s development and social changes. Women have huge impact in social development as well economic development. But such massive women work forces are kept out from the responsibility and deprived from equal chances especially in South Asian countries like Nepal, India and Srilangka. Due to immortal social traditions kept women out of reach of opportunities and education.

Women’s empowerment is the key for prosperity of a community and the nation.  Empowering women in every aspect of opportunity such as give an equal opportunity in economic activities, policy making, politics and other social activities can really transform the world. Due to backward mind set and tradition still women are kept out reach of those opportunities which is the main reason of under development in south Asian countries. In the context of Nepal, still mind set of Nepalese people have that women are for household things and women shouldn’t allow involve other outer activities. While the Nepal Government, the United Nations (UN) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have been trying to change the mentality and advocating for equal opportunity. But still impact of these activities is not really effective. In rural part of Nepal, women are not given even social and political activities, deprived from economic activities and try to hold women in the household task only. Even today, some women are keeping outside while they have got monthly periods, they are humiliated if they husbands died, beaten crucially accusing that they are witch.

The ‘International Women Expedition (IWE)’ is formed to empower women of rural parts of Nepal through tourism and mountaineering. We, IWE believe in team work and girls’ power. We believe that Women can also do anything as men do. In some areas women are even better than men. It does not mean that we are against men; we rather want to empower the women who are socially excluded, economically weakened and single mothers, widowed and trafficked. With inspiration from the first women who made summit of Mount Everest Junko Tabei, first Nepalese women to summit Mount Everest Pasang Lhamu Sherpa and other many legendary female mountaineers such as Edurne Pasaban, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Melissa Arnot etc, we women team also would like to climb all fourteen 8000 meter peaks of the world with single mission of ‘Women Empowerment’.


Project Introduction

International Women Expedition (IWE)’ is to climb all fourteen 8000 meter peaks by women from different countries as a team with the spirit of Women’s Power and to empower women through mountaineering. Any women from any country can join in this expedition and can climb any desired 8000m peak. Joining this expedition means you’re supporting,  women empowerment project. IWE aims to climb all fourteen 8000 meter mountains situated in Nepal, Tibet (China) and Pakistan. There are limited people who successfully climbed all eight thousand meters peaks. There are 43 people who made successful summit of all 8000 meters peaks so far and among them only three women successfully climbed all eight thousand meter peaks.

In this expedition, we, IWE want to make a world record of successful summit of all fourteen 8000 meter peaks within the time frame of 3 years by women. Also we would to make a world record in climbing history of climbing all 8000 meter peaks by same team and same team name. Additionally we would be the first team to climb all eight thousand peaks with the social cause promoting ‘Women Empowerment’.

This expedition will begin from October 1, 2020 and will complete by October 25, 2022. The team member of this team will climb all fourteen 8000 meter peaks such as Mount Everest (8848m), Mount K2 (8614m), Mount Kanchenjunga (8586m), Mount Lhotse (8516m), Mount Makalu (8485m), Mount Cho Oyu (8188m), Mount Dhaulagiri (8167m), Mount Manaslu (8163m), Mount Nanga Parbat (8125m), Mount Annapurna I (8091m), Mount Gasherbrum I (8080m), Mount Broad Peak (8051m), Mount Gasherbrum II (8035m) and Mount Shishapangma (8027m).



The main goal to run this project/expedition is empower the women through tourism/mountaineering. The main beneficiary of this project will be the women from remote areas, economically weakened, socially excluded, women deprived from education, disabled and single mothers of different parts of Nepal. Rescue the trafficked girls from different places and support them to adopted by the society and help them to make self-reliant. Also the main aim of this project would be to make women capable of doing everything and self dependent through mountaineering by 2030.



The main objective of this expedition is to empower women through mountaineering and tourism sector. Nepal is a land locked country and tourism is the main source of income for the people who live in the mountains after agriculture. More than 70% of women in the rural part of Nepal are house wives and they have to rely on the income of their husband and family members which caused women are backward in terms of economy. Due to lack of education, opportunity, geographical remoteness and traditional barriers, women are kept in the household duties only. And the main of this project is spread the awareness to the women of rural parts of Nepal. And then give idea, education, awareness and support to the women in the mountain region. This project will support to the women who are socially excluded, physically weak, economically weak, uneducated, divorced/windowed and trafficked.

Tourism would be one of the best source of income for the women of mountain region. We would help them by promoting ‘Village Tourism’ and ‘Agro Tourism’ which will help to consume the products and services produced by local women. Also train and give vocational education to the local and young women for trekking guide, cook, mountain guide and also support them to be entrepreneurs.


How We Do

Since 2016, we have been running Women Empowerment Project and we have successfully trained about 25 women from different region of Nepal and among them 10 women has successfully climbed Mount Everest too. Now all those women professional trekking guide and mountain guide. Ms. Kanchhi  Maya Tamang, the first Tamang Women to climb Mount Everest and first person to climb Mount Everest with a social cause is one of result of our project. Ms. Tamang already climbed Everest three time and she is now professional mountain guide. Similarly This project has produced many women mountain guides. In association with many corporate houses and non organization, we succeed to provide vocation training for handicraft products, woolen and knitting products, bamboo and wooden arts, agriculture and hospitality .

As first step, we shall run climbing projects to climb all fourteen 8000 meter mountains in the world. For this we shall partner with many business organizations, corporate houses, non profit organization, Government offices and individuals who supports for women’s prosperity and happiness. During the course of three years of climbing, we shall run different 14 expeditions to climb 14 peaks at least two or three mountains a year.

We shall establish a fund where our well-wishers can donate some amount of fund and all the climbers who participate in this expedition will also contribute about $200-500 per person. Also we shall encourage local expedition operator to donate 2-5% of total trip to this fund. After completion this project, we shall establish a charity fund where we shall request all the climbers who climbed mountains with this team will donate about $500 per year or some portion of their yearly income. And this project will make all the climbers who climbed peak with this team will goodwill ambassador and they will be honored as honorary member of this charity fund. The fund collected through this project will be hand over to any non profit organization who helps to women and work for women’s right, prosperity and development.

This fund we have collected will be used for education, vocational training and awareness campaigns of women from remote areas of Nepal. Also this fund will help to rescue the trafficked girls and help them to be self-reliant.


Climbing Plans

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