Why Climb With Us

Sherpa Shepherds has wealth of experiences in the mountains and the team of world renowned climbers who have set records of climbing including at Guinness Book of World Records. We offer unique and specialized peak climbing/expeditions in the Himalayas by using our extensive knowledge, experience and climbing skills.

1. Trend Setter of Smart Mountaineering

We are the leader and initiator of ‘Smart Mountaineering’ in Nepal and we have synchronized the latest technologies and our wealth of experiences to ensure safe and quality mountaineering in the Himalaya. Sherpa Shepherds is one and only expedition operator in Nepal which adopts smart mountaineering while we are leading our clients to the top of the mountains.Read more

2. Initiator of Responsible Adventure

We are the trendsetter of ‘Responsible Adventure’ in Nepalese tourism industry. Sherpa Shepherds have launched mountaineering for social cause for the first time ever in Nepal. Through this responsible adventure/mountaineering, Sherpa Shepherds has been able to bring visually impaired person to Mount Everest, First Tamang and First Gurung female to Mount Everest, oldest person to Mount Everest, physically disabled person to Mount Everest, climbed Mount Everest to raise voice against human trafficking and gender inequality, climbed to alert about Global Warming, Women Empowerment and many more.  Read more

3. The Company Run by Sherpa Climbers

Believe or not, Sherpas were always leader in the Himalayas. While we talk about mountaineering or climbing of giant 8000 meter peaks, we never miss Sherpa. Sherpa people or Sherpa climber have historic achievement in mountaineering sector. Mountaineering started in 1953 with Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sherpa became the leader in any expeditions in the Himalaya. The fact is Sherpa people are born, grown up in the mountains. That’s why Sherpa people do not face any problem of high altitude sickness. Secondly, mountains are the birth place of Sherpas, their cultivating field. Sherpa people know about mountains and its territory better than other people. And Sherpa Shepherds is the company runs all 100% Sherpa climbers who have been climbing mountains since decades. So if you talk about the mountaineering, Sherpa climbers are the best in skills, acclimatization, knowledge of weather and surroundings in the Himalaya because only Sherpa Can does better. See our people.


4. Team of World Record Holding Climbers

We are the team of ‘World Record Holding Climbers’ renowned and recognized by Guinness Book of World Records’. Most of the owners and climbers of Sherpa Shepherds are world record holders in mountaineering. Chief Executive Offer of Sherpa Shepherds Mr. Pemba Dorje Sherpa has four Guinness Book Of World Record in mountaineering and he is the current fastest person to summit Mount Everest with 8 hours 10 minutes of timing and he has climbed Mount Everest 16 times and still counting. Our advisor Kami Rita Sherpa has climbed Mount Everest 21st time, Ang Rita Sherpa also known as “Snow Leopard” has climbed Everest at least 10 times without supplemental oxygen. All our climbers have climbed Everest at least five times and many have climbed other 8000m mountains.

5. Assurance of Quality, Safety and Security

Sherpa Shepherds assures the best quality, safety and security in mountaineering. By using our climbers and experts’ extensive knowledge about mountaineering, climbing techniques, skills and experienced gained throughout the decade, we are the best expedition operator in the Himalaya. We guarantee you highest rate of success in climbing, highest rate in safety measurement and highest degree of logistic supports. We know mountains and mountaineering better than others because ‘It’s Our Home’.









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Why Climb With Us Sherpa Shepherds has wealth of experiences in the mountains and the team of world renowned climbers who have set records…

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