Our Story

The story of Sherpa Shepherds began with two young Sherpa guys, Pemba Dorje Sherpa , Pasang Rinjee Sherpa and Tsering Gyaltsen Sherpa who were born in the mountain region of Nepal. In earlier 90’s, Pasang’s father was involved in mountaineering as a porter, which he had been doing since his childhood. Later he became a climbing guide and a climber after five years of working experience as a porter, assistant guide, and guide. Unfortunately Pasang’s father was killed by an avalanche while climbing Mount Manaslu and Pasang became orphan when he was just seven years. From this incident, Pasang always asked himself why people climb mountains by putting their life in danger; why only Sherpa climb and lead the expedition and is there any safety precaution to prevent from such unexpected disasters and so on.

After completing his school level, Pasang started his career as trekking guide in 1990 to explore and find answers on these questions. After deep exploration and solving each and every problems that might occur in the mountains; Pasang concluded that mountaineering can make safer, secured and enjoyable one by using latest technologies and safety measurements. Finally he got answers of why only Sherpa lead expeditions and how to prevent from unpredicted risk in the mountains. Pasang explored that Sherpa people who were born and grown up in the mountains know their localities better with the better knowledge of weather, local products and risks. Since Sherpa people are born and grown up in the mountains, they don’t need any acclimatization. Though climbing a mountain has risk, but of course it also has good reputation and recognition in the society. So to make climbing safer, secured, quality and systematic, all the clients/travelers need to have experienced, skilled and professional mountain guides who knows mountains better, who have been in the mountains for many times and who have gained lots of experiences. To solve these problems and make mountaineering safer and systematic, Pasang and Pemba have established Sherpa Shepherds.



In another hand, Pemba Dorje Sherpa also had lots of bad experiences about the mountaineering who is currently holding four Guinness World Records for mountaineering. Pemba has already climbed world’s highest peak Mount Everest (8848m) sixteen times and has climbed many other mountains too. Born in Beding, Dolakha, Pemba started his mountain guide career since his childhood. From the age of 9 years, he started working as a porter. At that time, there was a huge rumor that Tso Rolpa lake is going to explode very soon for which Pemba was very concerned because his village is very near to this lake and if this lake explode, the whole village would be destroyed. So, Pemba started doing lots of researches and analyzed the history of mountains from which he got to know that all these glacial lakes are melting because of Global warming. With decades of mountaineering experiences as leading mountain climbing guide, he has climbed Mount Everest in 8hrs and 10minutes from base camp and has succeed to set World Record of fastest person to climb Mt. Everest (8848m). After decades of practice experiences and training, he was able to climb Mt. Everest in this record time as climbing Everest in 8hrs 10min is impossible for normal human being. Till now, he has climbed Mt Everest sixteen times and still counting as every season he leads Everest expeditions and other 8000m mountains. He has a track record of never failing to climb or return without summit. It has been possible because of his extensive knowledge about the mountains, weather, technical skills and predictions.

Besides climbing, Pemba has been running many activities and campaigns to save nature, mountains, sherpa people and many social causes. Pemba is the first Nepali climber/person who raised his voice against Global Warming and went to UN Headquarter; met US President Obama and many organizations who work for climate changes with appeal of ‘Climate Justice’. In addition, to spread message about global warming he has been running many campaigns. Pemba has climbed Everest with the Olympic lamp, flags of 250 countries, biggest flag of Nepal, Buddha’s statue and portrait of late king of Nepal Prithvi Narayan Shah. Pemba is also promoter of Gender equality, women empowerment and social awareness. Pemba has lead many historic expeditions and he successfully led the late Mr. Min Bahadur Serchan (oldest person to climb Mount Everest, later broke by a Japanese), First Gurung Women to climb Mount Everest, seven Nepali women to climb Mount Everest, First Tamang Women to climb Mount Everest, first visually impaired person to attempt Mount Everest from Nepal and he became the first person to climb Everest for social cause- Stop Human Trafficking.

After meeting Pemba and Pasang along with IT entrepreneur Tsering Gyaltsen Sherpa, they decided to establish mountaineering and expedition Operator Company who have a huge track record of historic achievements. By utilizing knowledge from the decades’ experiences, in 2010 (legally registered on 2014 only), both decided to open Sherpa Shepherds. Sherpa Shepherds was established to provide best quality of mountaineering services in the Himalayas by using experienced Sherpa climbers. Today, Sherpa Shepherds is one and only Expedition Company owned by Sherpa climbers and providing ethical mountaineering services. From the establishment, Sherpa Shepherds has run many commercial and social cause expeditions for betterment of the society and betterment of the world. Please contact us at [email protected] to know about past social cause expeditions and projects.

What Sherpa Shepherds Refers?


The company name Sherpa Shepherds is derived from ‘Sherpa’ and ‘Shepherds’. Sherpas are well known in mountaineering industry and recognized as people of the mountains. Sherpa people can live in the mountains whereas we other human being cannot live there. Sherpa people are living upto 5164 meter (16950 feet) and their inhabitants are there where their kids play normally. And Shepherd literally means ‘a person who tends, herds, feeds, or guard herds the sheep’. In this scene, Sherpa can feed, guard and supports you in the mountains. So ‘Sherpa Shepherds’ means the guardian or the care taker of travelers, trekkers or mountaineers in the Himalaya. Sherpa Shepherds will guide you in the Himalaya for mountaineering as only Sherpa Can.



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