Our Community Support

Sherpa Shepherds was established with the aim of supporting and responding all the issues and problems rose in mountaineering. Sherpa Shepherds is here not only to contribute to the society, people, and mountains but also to make the whole world a better place and its better future. Being an expedition operator mainly dealing with mountaineering, Sherpa Shepherds have contributed to the socially excluded and marginalized people, remote areas, preserving mountains and glacial lakes and empowering women in mountaineering. Sherpa Shepherds is committed to contribute all the effort to save nature, mountains, and culture and promote and empower socially excluded and marginalized people, women as well as to establish mountaineering for social cause. Our social commitment consists not only of supporting people in need but also of taking a proper care of our staff – all our guides and porters are insured and we converted seasonal field staff into full-time paid employees, providing them with a regular source of income, which represents financial safety and security for them and their families.


Healthy Planet

Another aspect of our social responsibility is being respectful with the natural and cultural environment by minimizing the negative impact on the ecosystems and within the tribal groups in the communities we work. The mountains are our pride and we venerate them as the abode of the gods.   With the constant increase s in the number of visitors, it has boosted the local economy but has also brought an increase in the degradation of the region’s fragile ecology and cultural traditions. We are committed to protect our HOME through empowering mountain communities and conserving mountain ecosystems, to ensure that mountains will continue to provide the essential resources – natural, cultural and inspirational – needed for mankind’s survival on a healthy planet.

Cultivating Future Leaders

We believe that for sustainable development in the field of mountaineering, it is essential to expand the potential for future climbing Sherpas to receive upmost mountaineering related education and training. As a pioneer in the field of mountaineering, we globally regard mountaineering education as the most important issue and are putting into action through various programs. Since inception, cultivating future leaders in mountaineering and trekking has been the goal of a Sherpa Shepherds. Read more

Encouraging Responsible Climbing

Sherpa shepherds along with its strategic partners is initiating trainings to increase the safety margin of Sherpa climbers and high altitude workers through encouraging responsible climbing and wilderness practice in a supportive community environment. Read more

Climbing for Social Causes

From the establishment, Sherpa Shepherds has successfully conducted many projects which were most effective for empowering women, conveying positive message to the world, for the sake of mountains, people and supporting needy people. +View Our Most Recent Projects.

Smart Mountaineering

Sherpa Shepherds is the initiator and trend setter of ‘Smart Mountaineering’ in Nepal. Partnership with its strategic partners, Sherpa Shepherds is synchronizing latest safety technologies to make climbing/mountaineering smarter, safer, secured and enjoyable. Read more

Preserving Sherpas (the Climbers)

Sherpas are the beginner of climbing history. Sherpa people have huge contribution and historic achievement in climbing industry. The climbing started from mountaineering legend Tenzing Norgay Sherpa in 1953, since then Sherpas were the leader in the mountain. During the course of half century, we have achieved many sherpa climbers including Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, snow leopard Ang Rita Sherpa, 21st times Everest summiter Appa Sherpa, Kami Rita Sherpa etc. And now there is huge challenge to create next generation Sherpas because of high risk in the Himalayas. Following footsteps of legend climbers, Sherpa Shepherds encourages young Sherpas for mountaineering because mountaineering is the profession only Sherpa can do well. By using latest safety technologies, experiences and skills gained by legendary climbers and modern education, Sherpa Shepherds has been conducting training programs for young Sherpa climbers. In association with alpine clubs, summiteers clubs, expedition operators and different organizations, Sherpa Shepherds is enhancing the mountaineering skills, creating new young female climbers (though Women Empowerment Project) and making mountaineering responsible for preserving Sherpa culture. Read more







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Our Community Support Sherpa Shepherds was established with the aim of supporting and responding all the issues and problems rose in mountaineering. Sherpa…
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