About Company

Sherpa Shepherds Pvt. Ltd. is a registered expedition operator in Nepal providing professional services for mountaineering. Sherpa Shepherds provides all logistic supports for peak climbing and mountaineering in Nepal and Tibet. Our services include wide ranges of peak climbing packages, exploration and high quality expedition trips throughout the Himalayas that will take you on the summit of formidable peaks and around mystical and remote areas, ensuring an experience of a life time.

Today, Sherpa Shepherds has became one of the leading and trendsetting expedition operator in Nepal promoting and applying smart mountaineering and responsible adventure in Nepalese mountaineering field. From the establishment of Sherpa Shepherds, we have got attention of media houses, mountaineers and general public for our unique and historic activities for social causes. As we know that mountains are our pride, local community in the mountain especially Sherpas are our gems and it is our responsibility to protect the mountains, preserve the Sherpa culture and keep alive Sherpa people in mountaineering as our past generations did. Sherpa Shepherds always supports to save the mountains, people and their professions.

Sherpa Shepherds was established in the year 2010 with an intimation to provide highest standard and right guide service, enhanced safety measures on the mountain combined with all the service that will increase the chances of success for prospective climbers. It was established by second generation Sherpa climbers to keep our mountains as before, to keep our ancestors climbing profession alive because only Sherpa can climb higher, only Sherpa knows mountain better because IT’S OUR HOME. Read more

The Team

Our team comprises of 80 + well experienced and dedicated Sherpa climbers that identify and exploit the right opportunities. We are professionally managed company that believes in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long term relationship with all key stakeholders – including employees, customers, shareholders, mountaineers and local community’s members.

All our team members are young, energetic, dedicated and full of experiences in the field of Mountaineering with numerous success records on various peaks over 8000m including Everest. All our team members have reached the summit of Everest more than 10 times, with 3 members exceeding 16 times and one member has a record of being the fastest person to scale Everest. Read more

Our Vision

Sherpa Shepherds aimed to be a leading expedition operator in Nepal providing exceptional logistic services for mountaineering with safe, secured and quality.

Our Mission

Sherpa Shepherds’ mission is to be an expedition operator which adopts and sets trend of Smart Mountaineering and Responsible Adventure in tourism industry. The key mission of Sherpa Shepherds is to unite all Sherpa climbers, motivate climbers for ethical mountaineering; enhance climbing skills, professional activities and make mountaineering smarter, better and safer ever.

Our Core Values

The core value of Sherpa Shepherds is simple, “make mountaineering smarter, safer, better and responsible for overall betterment”.

Our Group

Sherpa Shepherds Pvt. Ltd. is a mountaineering unit of Vahi Group of companies. Following are sister companies of Sherpa Shepherds.

Our Achievements

Most importantly, Sherpa Shepherds has won the belief of Sherpa climbers, guides, suppliers, partners and local communities by its exceptional contribution such as capacity building of climbers, encouraging and empowering women for mountaineering, spreading positive messages to the world of mountaineering and running unique and meaningful expeditions for a cause.

Sherpa Shepherds has always been on first to set up new trend in mountaineering industry of Nepal. Sherpa Shepherds was the initiator and promoter of ‘Smart Mountaineering’, ‘Responsible Adventure’ and ‘The Sherpa’ etc. Sherpa Shepherds has initiated to synchronize latest technology with mountaineering to make mountaineering smarter, safer, meaningful and enjoyable and for that Sherpa Shepherds was awarded for ‘Smart Tourism’ by Government of Nepal (Nepal Army).

Mountaineering profession should be responsible for its consequences. Protecting our Pride Mountains, preserving our glacial lakes, promoting Sherpa culture and ultimately contribute to stop global warming are always on top priority of Sherpa Shepherds. And Sherpa Shepherds has run many campaigns for climate justice and have been appeared in many national and international news papers. Read our media coverage.

Sherpa Shepherds was always ahead to execute activities to convey positive message to the world and support for social causes for the betterment of the nation and the world. Sherpa Shepherds team was the first who flagged Olympic flag to the top of Mount Everest to support sports. Similarly, Sherpa Shepherds brought the 250 countries flags on the top of Mount Everest to convey message about the world is one society. To convey message of peace and tolerance, Sherpa Shepherds brought the statue of the Lord Buddha to the top of Everest. Similarly, to promote uniqueness of Nepal, Sherpa Shepherds flagged the biggest flag of Nepal to the top of Mount Everest which was handed over to us by immediate President of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. Later, Sherpa Shepherds came to eliminate social crimes and negative activities. For this Sherpa Shepherds had organized and sponsored an expedition to Everest to raise strong voice against Human Trafficking and to state gender equality. View our recent projects

Sherpa Shepherds has always supported for women empowerment and disabled people. Sherpa Shepherds became the title sponsor for First Tamang Women to summit Mount Everest Ms. Kanchhi Maya Tamang and first Gurung Female to summit Everest. Similarly, to encourage socially excluded and disabled person, Sherpa Shepherds had organized an expedition and brought first visually impaired person to Mount Everest. And Sherpa Shepherds’ Pemba had brought the oldest person late Min Bahadur Serchan to the top of Mount Everest. In cooperation with UN Women Nepal and other esteemed organizations, Sherpa Shepherds has been organizing Women Empowerment Expeditions.


About Company Sherpa Shepherds Pvt. Ltd. is a registered expedition operator in Nepal providing professional services for mountaineering. Sherpa Shepherds provides all…
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