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Welcome to Sherpa Shepherds

SHERPA SHEPHERDS offers classic ranges of treks, exploration and high quality climbing trips throughout the Himalayas that will take you on the summit of formidable peaks and around mystical and remote areas, ensuring an experience of a life time.

By offering our TRADTIONAL SHERPA SHEPHERED SERVICES for   climbing trips and explorations, and through our vast experiences, dedication devotion  and leadership development programs, we strive to impact the lives of prospective climbers and adventure seekers in a way that brings  about lasting changes, by creating the opportunity for them to have a  lifetime  experiences and accomplish formidable  goals. We are committed to guiding every individual on an incredible adventure and to equipping every expedition with the ingredients required to achieve its ultimate goals.

Whether you’re an experienced trekker, mountaineer or a first timer, our featured expeditions/treks allows you to experience another culture in the dramatic setting of the highest mountain range on the planet. We will escort you around our enchant land – our monasteries humming with prayer, our religious masked dances, our idyllic and uncomplicated way of life and our picturesque villages with prayer flags fluttering over our homes. We will take you along un-trodden trails, over hidden valleys, mountain passes and on the summits of formidable pinnacles which only we know well. BECAUSE ITS HOME.

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Sherpa Shepherds offers wide ranges of climbing trips in various regions of Nepal and Tibet. Our climbing and expedition trips includes giant 8000 meter peaks, 7000 meter peaks, 6000 meter peaks and new peaks we explore.


Sherpa Shepherds offers and executes those climbing/expedition trips in which we are experts. We operate climbing trips in all the mountains as only a SHERPA CAN. All our featured trips are surrounded with an ethereal aura.